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Develop your Life the way you want to, Feel Awesome! 

  • Loose Weight Easily and Naturally
  • Stop smoking  in one session
  • Manage your stresses and feel great
  • Manage anxieties, phobias and more
  • Achieve what you've always wanted to in your Sport
  • Become a leader in Life and Business

Life Developments is run by David Doig, BSc, DCH, DSP, MNLP with an aim of helping as many people as possible to discover their potential to develop their lives in the direction they want to. Whether that is overcoming anxieties, becoming a non smoker, losing weight, finding their potential in sports or business or in many more areas.

David is an experienced Clinical Hypnotherapist, Life and Sporting-Mind Coach. 
If you want to start enjoying life as you reach your full potential please come inside and see how David can help you today.

David Doig BSc, DCHyp, DSPyc, MNLP, CMng
member of NCH, CNHC
07920 426040



David Doig